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Table of perigee day and the time of the MSM run closest to perigee, for the 8 perigee passes during which ACIS was not protected and for the day-286 "event". The next columns are the estimated log of the peak proton spectral intensity --- p/(cm^2 sr^1 MeV^-1) at 0.1 MeV --- for -2h, -1h, 0h, +1h, and +2h from perigee, followed by the average for these 5 hours nearest perigee. The final 2 columns compare the MSM peak with the AP8MAX peak, the former being the log of MSM/AP8MAX, the latter being MSM/AP8MAX.

Color representation of the flux scale used in all animations:

Short animations, accessed by selecting thumbnail gifs, comprise 1-hour intervals per image and extend no more than about 8-hours from perigee. Long animations are 15-minute intervals per image and include the full dataset as generated by Terry Onsager ( NOAA/SEC):

1999_228/1999_228_00_15.gif 1999_230_19_45.gif 1999_233_12_15.gif
Perigee Day: 228 Perigee Day: 231 Perigee Day: 233
Long Animation 228 Long Animation 231 Long Animation 233
1999_236_03_45.gif 1999_239_00_15.gif 1999_252_00_15.gif
Perigee Day: 236 Perigee Day: 239 Perigee Day: 252
Long Animation 236 Long Animation 239 Long Animation 252
1999_254_16_0.gif 1999_257_06_15.gif 1999_286_06_15.gif
Perigee Day: 254 Perigee Day: 257 Perigee Day: 286
Long Animation 254 Long Animation 257 Long Animation 286


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