Error OFf [glist]

Turn off the plotting of errors for all plot groups specified in "[glist]".

Error ON [glist]

Undo the effects of the "Error OFf" command for the specified plot groups.

Error Sq [glist]

Set errors equal to "SQRT(value)" for the specified plot groups.

Error Dia [glist]

Draw diamond style errors on specified groups.

Error X ON|OFf [glist]

This command controls the plotting of the x-error bars. For example, if groups 1,2, and 3 all have associated errors, then the command sequence "Xaxis 1"; "Error X ON 2"; "Error X OFf 3", would cause the x-errors to be plotted when group 2 is plotted but not when group 3 is plotted.

When fitting data, error bars will be used to weight the data only if the errors are visible. Thus "Error OFf" followed by "Fit" will produce an unweighted fit. Also, note that only the y-errors are used to weight the data.


PLT> Error OFf 1,2,3  ! Turn off errors for groups 1, 2, and 3
PLT> Error Dia 2      ! Plot diamond errors on plot group 2
PLT> Error ON         ! Plot errors for all plot groups
PLT> SKip Sing        ! Turn on the `skip' mode
PLT> Error X OFF      ! Suppress plotting of errors in x-direction

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