LWidth # [ON] [glist] Set the line width to the value #. Allowed values are 1 or greater. On some laser printers, the default line width is very narrow and so, using thicker lines will enhance the output quality. If glist is omitted then this command resets the default line width for the entire plot. If you list some group numbers in glist then the groups listed in glist will no longer be plotted with the default line width but rather with the line width you specified. Also, glist can contain the word 'Model' to change the default line width when plotting the current model.


PLT> LWidth 3         ! Triple the default thickness of all lines
PLT> HArd /PS         ! and make a hardcopy
PLT> LWidth 1 ON 2    ! Plot group 2 with line width 1.  The rest of the
                      ! plot will still be plotted with line width 3.
PLT> LW 3 ON MOD      ! Plot current model with line width 3.

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