Newpar Display the values associated with all of the parameters and allow the user to change them. If you wish to display the parameter values without changing them, then use the "WModel" command.

Newpar # Display the values associated with the parameter specified by the first argument. You can either enter return, leaving the parameter values unchanged, or enter new values.

Newpar # # Change the value of the specified parameter to the value you entered in the second (and following) arguments. You will not be shown the original values.


PLT> Newp 2      ! Prompt for new values of parameter 2
  2, GW: VAL( 1.00), SIG( 0.00 ), PLO( 0.00), PHI( 0.00)?
3.               ! Value of parameter 2 is now set to 3
PLT> Newp 3 10   ! Value of parameter 3 is now set to 10
PLT> Newp 6,,-1  ! Freeze value of parameter 6

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