Plot Cause the plot to be redrawn on the graphics device.

Plot All Cause all data points, including those flagged as no-data, to be plotted.

Plot Good Undo the effects of the "Plot All" command and prevent plotting of points flagged as no-data (default).

Plot Vertical Plot up to 20 plot groups in separate panels, in a vertical stack.

Plot Overlay Plot all groups in a single panel (default).

Plot Zero ON Cause the plot groups that have color index zero to be plotted with the background color. This is sometimes useful for erasing plots.

Plot Zero OFf Do not plot groups with color index zero (default). This is much faster than plotting with the background color.


Plot groups in separate windows in a vertical stack, with one plot group plotted in each window. For maximum compatibility with earlier versions of PLT, the windows are number with the group number. Thus group 3 is plotted in window 3. This allows commands like Rescale Y3 to rescale the window containing group 3.

After you execute the Plot Vert command all the windows are treated as a single entity for both the `Rescale X' and `LAbel X' commands. Thus after a Plot Vert, using a Rescale X command will cause all visible windows to have the same X scale. Likewise, LAbel X will place the X label on the bottom window of the stack. This behavior will continue until you use the Window # command to select a given window, afterwhich the Rescale X and Label X commands will only affect the selected window. The WIndow All command can be used to restore the behavior where Rescale X affects all windows. The only way to restore the LAbel X behavior is to reissue the Plot Vert command.

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