WData [$] Write all data between the current x-scale minimum and maximum to a QDP file. If you want all the data to be written to the file then you should use the "R X" command to reset current scale to include the minimum and maximum data values. A blank file name will cause the data to be written to your current terminal screen.

The "WData" command will not write any PLT commands to the file. However, it will include a reference to an indirect file. For example, "WData TEST" will create a file called "TEST.QDP" that includes the line "@TEST". The PLT command "WHead" can be used to create a "TEST.PCO" file that contains all the PLT commands needed to re-create the current plot.

WData [$] # Write the data with only # digits of accuracy (numbers will be rounded). If # is negative, the error on a number is written out to (-#) number of digits and the number itself is written to the same accuracy.


PLT> WData          ! Write the data to the terminal screen
PLT> WData TEST     ! Write the data to TEST.QDP
PLT> WData TEST 3   ! Write the data (3 significant digits) to TEST.QDP
PLT> WData TEST -2  ! E.g., 123.758 +/- 2.698 will be written 123.8 2.7
PLT> WData,,-2      ! As above, but written to the terminal screen.

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