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Instrument Working Group

The goal of the IWG is to support the STDT in defining the science instruments required for a compelling and executable mission. The IWG will help the STDT translate science goals into technical instrument requirements, provide the STDT information and metrics needed to make scientific tradeoff decisions, and support the STDT in assessing technology readiness and preparing technology development plans and roadmaps. For further details, please read the full Instrument Working Group Charter.

Participation in the IWG is open, with consent of the IWG leadership, to all individuals who subscribe to its goals. Potential members are asked to identify the topics they would like to contribute to, their expertise in these areas, and what tasks they are willing to undertake in support of the study using this Instrument Working Group sign-up page.

Instrument Working Group Chair::
 Mark Bautz Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Instrument Working Group Co-Chairs (and area of expertise):
 Simon Bandler NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Microcalorimeters
 Abe Falcone Penn State university High-definition Imagers
 Megan Eckart Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Microcalorimeters
 Ralf Heilmann Massachusetts Institute of Technology Grating Spectrometers
 Ralph Kraft Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory High-definition Imagers
 Randy McEntaffer Penn State University Grating Spectrometers
Instrument Working Group Members
 Ryan AlluredSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
 Douglas BennettNational Institute of Standards and Technology
 Akos Bogdan Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
 Casey DeRooHarvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
 Benjamin DonovanPennsylvania State University
 Michael DiPirroNASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
 Enectali Figueroa-FelicianoNorthwestern University
 Hans GuentherMIT
 Kent Irwin Stanford University
 Ben Mates National Institute of Standards and Technology
 Dan McCammon University of Wisconsin
 Drew Miles Penn State University
 Jeffrey Olson Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
 Kevin Ryu MIT/Lincoln Labs
 Kazuhiro Sakai NASA/GSFC
 Dan Schwartz Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
 Stephen J. SmithUMBC/NASA GSFC
 Vyshnavi Suntharalingam MIT Lincoln Laboratory
 Doug Swartz NASA / MSFC
 Daniel Swetz NIST
 James Tutt Pennsylvania State University
 Joel Ullom NIST/University of Colorado
 Wonsik Yoon NASA/GSFC & SSAI
 Ben Zeiger Luxel Corporation