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Lynx Optics Working Group

The goal of the Optics Working Group (OWG) is to assist the STDT in demonstrating that a credible and feasible path exists to fabricate an X-ray telescope to support the Lynx mission. In order for the mission to be capable of realizing the science envisioned by the STDT, the STDT seeks assistance from the X-ray optics community—including experts from academia, industry and research institutions, in identifying potential approaches for creating the X-ray mirrors and all related technologies (e.g., alignment and mounting techniques, thermal controls and metrology) required to assemble individual optical components into a large-area, satellite-borne X-ray telescope. For further details, please read the full Optics Working Group Charter.

The OWG is pleased to invite applications for active participation and membership. Please register here by identifying in one or two paragraphs the topics you would like to contribute to, your expertise in these areas, and what tasks you are willing to undertake in support of the study.

Optics Working Group Co-Chairs:
 Mark Schattenburg
Community Co-Chair
MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research
 Lester Cohen
Study Office Co-Chair
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Optics Working Group Members:
 Ryan AlluredSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
 Carolyn AtkinsSTFC UK Astronomy Technology Centre
 Stefano BassoINAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera
 Wayne BaumgartnerNASA MSFC
 Stephen BongiornoNASA MSFC
 Jay BookbinderNASA ARC
 David BroadwayNASA MSFC
 Brandon ChalifouxMIT
 Kai-Wing ChanNASA/GSFC & UMBC
 Marta Maria CivitaniINAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera
 Daniele CoccoSLAC national accelerator laboratory
 Vincenzo CotroneoHarvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
 Jackie DavisNASA MSFC
 Casey DeRooHarvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
 Manel ErrandoWashington University
 Daniel EvansNASA Headquarters
 Abe FalconePennsylvania State University
 Charly FeldmanUniversity of Leicester
 Mark FreemanSmithsonial Astrophysical Observatory
 Terry GaetzCXC/SAO
 Hans GuentherMIT
 Danielle Gurgew University of Alabama Huntsville
 Ralf HeilmannMIT
 Mourad IdirBNL/NSLSII
 Anders Clemen JakobsenDTU Space
 Diab JeriusSAO/ Chandra X-Ray Center
 Kiranmayee KilaruUSRA/NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
 Vladimar KradinovSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
 Ralph KraftSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
 Herman MarshallMIT Kavli Institute
 Ryan McClellandNASA GSFC / SGT Inc.
 Takashi OkajimaNASA Goddard Space Flight Center
 Howard PadmoreLBNL
 Giovanni PareschiINAF - Brera Astronomical Observatory
 Kurt PonsorMindrum Precision
 Lisa PoyneerLawrence Livermore National Laboratory
 Paul B. ReidHarvard-Smithsonian CfA
 Bianca SalmasoINAF - Osservatorio Astronomico Brera
 Dan SchwartzSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
 Eric SchwartzSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
 Peter SollyNASA/GSFC
 Harvey TananbaumSAO
 Susan Trolier-McKinstryPennsylvania State University
 James TuttThe Pennsylvania State University
 Mel UlmerNorthwestern University
 David L WindtReflective X-ray Optics LLC
 Youwei YaoMIT
 William W. ZhangNASA Goddard Space Flight Center